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Automatic Call Distribution

The Automated Call Distribution (ACD) queue allows incoming calls to be placed in a queue and distributed to agents based on the configured routing policy. ACDs provide comfort messages and Music-On-Hold while the callers are waiting. They also handle the overflow of calls, no answering by agents, and other distribution cases. Each ACD usually has a voice messaging box for users who are not willing to wait or have reached an overflow. The ACD functionality is the backbone to the Velocity Call Center solution.

Call Distribution Features

  • Linear Call Distribution – Agents are visited in order, always starting with the same agent.
  • Circular/Rotary Call Distribution – Agents are visited in order, starting where the last hunt ended.
  • Uniform Call Distribution – Calls are distributed uniformly to the agents, starting with the agent who is the most idle.
  • Simultaneous Call Distribution – Calls are presented to all idle agents simultaneously.
  • Weighted Call Distribution – Calls are randomly distributed to agents according to a configurable weight.
  • Directory Number Hunting – This enables call waiting for agents, and incoming calls are re-routed to ACD if agents are busy or not available.
  • Geographical Routing – This is call distribution at single site and call distribution at multiple sites.
  • ACD State Synchronization – This is through the agent client, web portal, and IP phone interface.
  • Overflow (Call Forwarding Busy [CFB]) – Incoming calls can be forwarded to an overflow phone number when the queue is overloaded.
  • Night Mode Overflow – Overflow goes to a designated destination/phone number when no agents are available.
  • After Hour Policies (Selective Call Forwarding [SCF])
  • Hoteling for Extension Mobility – Agents can log in at any available workstation/phone while maintaining unique user settings.
  • Basic and Enhanced Call Logs

Advanced Queue Features

  • Queue Announcements:
    • Entrance greeting
    • Configurable comfort announcement
    • Music On Hold (MOH) when agents are busy
  • Queue Management:
    • Configurable call wait time
    • Configurable queue length and scalability of queue size
    • Call Center not staffed – Set to send the call back in the queue if Call Center is not staffed.
    • Agent Join/Un-join – Calls are only presented to agents who are on duty, and agents can join into multiple Call Centers’ queues.
    • Queue Transfer – An agent can transfer a call back into the queue (at the front or back position). The total wait time is preserved and captured as reporting averages.
    • Voice Messaging – Each ACD has a voice-messaging box where callers can leave messages for agents to process later.
    • Queue Flushing/Escape to Voice Mail – When all group Call Center Agents log out, queued calls are automatically sent to a Call Center group voice mail.

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